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Professional Designers and Jewelers

Swiss Watches

 Watch Winders

Natural Colored Diamonds

Diamond and Precious Gem Jewelry

 Precious Gem Stones
Ruby - 
Emerald - 

Alexandrite - 
Star Rubies and Sapphires

Platinum and Gold Jewelry

Custom Design - 
Repairs of Watches and Jewelry

 Wax Carving, Insurance Appraisals

Design Centre
Laser Fusion Repair

Corporate Gift Programs



Laser Technology Allows Intricate Fusion With Heat Sensitive Stones In Place

Laser Technology Allows Works On Any Metal - Primary Metals, Platinum, Gold......

System Used In All Areas Of Manufacture - Including Fabrication And Repairs


                                                    Design Center


Computerized Design To Show The Stages Of Manufacture And A Digital Final Product

Digital Stones Placed In Any Type Of Setting - Channel
Bead, Pave, ProngInvisible, Tension

Metal Color - Actual

Digital Picture Produced Of How Final Product Will Look

Capture And Enhance Any Piece Of Jewelry

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